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Walk Strong Spring Update!!!


April and May were big months for the Walk Strong Foundation! We said goodbye Dr. Octavio Amador, were the charity night at the Nashville Sounds baseball game, and held our 3rd Annual Walk Strong Charity Shoot!


Dr. Octavio Amador completed a yearlong fellowship  in Nashville with the Southern Joint Replacement Institute surgeons.  He recently  returned back to Veracruz, Mexico to continue building the joint replacement program at Hospital Regional de Veracruz.  He is a valuable member of our team and has made a trip to Mexico City within the last week to meet with officials regarding the permit for the hospital to receive donations. Once the permit is in place the Walk Strong team will be able to return to Mexico for surgical trips.


Walk Strong was the Charity of the Night for the Nashville Sounds baseball team in the brand new First Tennessee Ball Park.   We had a large turnout of Walk Strong supporters to cheer on the Sounds despite the lingering rain and clouds.  Throughout the night we were able to reach out to a number of fans and spread the word about Walk Strong and our mission!


In May we held our 3rd Annual Walk Strong Charity Shoot at the Nashville Gun Club.  This event is a fun and active fundraiser for Walk Strong.  The turnout of participants and volunteers was remarkable and a good time was had by all! Walk Strong supporters and volunteers look forward to this fun filled event each year. The shoot is repeatedly the largest yearly fundraiser Walk Strong puts on. Thank you to all who make this event possible and profitable!


More to come this fall! We are hopeful for a clinic trip, tentatively planned for the beginning of fall, with a surgical trip to follow in late October.   Both trips are pending permit approval, to allow Hospital Regional de Veracruz to accept donations, and implant importation approval for the prosthesis that will be used for our patients.

Walk Strong is on the Move....

by WSF on 4-21-14

Walk Strong has started the spring off on the right foot! Completing a 3 day clinic trip to Veracruz, welcoming Dr. Amador to Nashville for his fellowship, the Nashville Sounds fundraiser that is just around the corner and partnering with Amazon smile have all kept us on our toes!

 The three day clinic trip to Veracruz allowed the Doctors and therapist to follow up with patients who were operated on one and two years ago! Since October 2011, we have completed 78 knee replacements without any major complications to date. The short, but productive trip, allowed our team members to meet with the Mexican minister of health along with local attorneys that will be helping us get our hip and knee implants through customs in a timely manner.  The lovely ladies of the local rotary club in Veracruz were so generous to spend a few days helping our group around town, in clinic, and introducing the team to a yummy new ice cream shop!  The trip was a success and we can’t wait to return in the fall with a larger group for the surgical trip.

Dr. Octavio Amador, was the chief resident of orthopedic surgery in Veracruz. He completed his residency and has moved to Nashville for a year to do a fellowship with the Doctors of the Southern Joint Replacement Institute.  Walk Strong has worked hand in hand with Dr. Amador since our very first trip to Veracruz. We are very excited to have him here with us for an entire year! Dr. Amador is getting settled in Nashville and at the hospital. Thanks to all of the Walk Strong supporters who have donated time, money, and furniture to help welcome Dr. Amador.  Keep your eyes out for the blog post from Dr. Amador.  He will be journaling his experience here and has agreed to share it with us!

Walk Strong has been given a charity night with the Nashville Sounds. Friday May 30th @ 7:05pm, we are the charity of the game and selling tickets as a fundraiser. Ticket prices are $12.00 a piece and can be purchased at our office or by calling 615-324-1727.

Now you can support Walk Strong by shopping! Everyone with an account at, can sign up for amazon smile( Amazon will donate .05% of every purchase to Walk Strong as long as you designate us as your preferred provider. Sign up today!

Walk Strong Fall Trip update Update

by WSF on 

The Walk Strong Fall trip was a very good one! Everyone was so dedicated in making it a success and the group cohesion was palpable! The Regional Hospital is overrun with need. Need for care and need for equipment which at times seems never ending, but we are starting to see wonderful changes. There is a pride in the nurses who now show us how they are maintaining our standards of care and teaching others how care should be done for better outcomes. Patients no longer are confined to their beds as nurses initiate exercises and getting out of bed, something which is standard for our American hospitals but very new for them!

We are stopped on the sidewalks as we sometimes walk back to the hotel from the hospital and we are asked how to get into our clinics! The man who runs the laundry, the lady who works at the bakery and the people in the corner store know our names and are delighted to have us return!

We have been adopted by the Sapphire Rotary Group, an all female rotary group, which is very unique for Mexico. Needless to say, a very dynamic group of women! They helped us locate resources when we couldn’t find needed items like cell phones and wireless service! They also helped with interpreting in the clinic and hospital and ran errands for us when we were at wits end! And to top it off, treated us to a lovely dinner at a local restaurant! While we are gone they will cast their nets throughout the state of Veracruz for people who need our help and are unable to afford the care and help them get to our clinics.

The patients are endlessly grateful and bless us hourly for helping them! Seeing them months after their surgeries in our return clinics, their lives have been transformed and they are no longer in pain. They are back to work, taking care of children and grandchildren, back to selling tamales on the street and back to having pride in being able to care for themselves and their families again! It is such a joyful time to see this and be a part of this!

Walk Strong Fall Update

by WSF on 09/20/13

Walk Strong has been very busy getting ready for our next trip which will be this fall. We have been working with the ad agency Zanimal which has graciously donated their services to us in further developing our logo and informational brochure.

We have been fortunate also to acquire a volunteer intern from Vanderbilt who will be helping with blogs and tweets and all things media.

In the near future we will be rolling out a short video with a fundraising effort through in hopes of raising money to support future missions to Veracruz.

Exactech, who has provided us with our knee implants, has now made a multimillion dollar commitment of more gifts in kind with more knee implants and hip implants! We will in the near future be adding hip replacements to our mission, further helping hundreds of the underserved in Mexico!

Walk Strong Summer Update

by WSF on 07/31/13

Since our return from Veracruz, Mexico in April Walk Strong has been very busy with visiting physicians, raising money , visiting donors and planning our October trip.

Dr. Elena Vidal , head of Anesthesiology at the Regional Hospital in Veracruz, returned with us to Nashville on April 12, 2012. She was the guest of Dr. Doug Norton, a St. Thomas anesthesiologist who travels with Walk Strong and heads up our anesthesia team in Veracruz. During her 4 week visit she not only experienced the operating room and care at St.Thomas but was given a wide variety of southern cultural and shopping experiences by many of the Nashville Walk Strong volunteers! She left us with a broadened medical knowledge and suitcases brimming with souvenirs from her stay! We cannot wait to return to see how many of her experiences have been incorporated into the anesthesiology program in Veracruz!

Our First Annual “IHOP No More” Pancake Breakfast was a roaring success for its first year! A breakfast of bacon, sausages, fruit and beverages were served to over 200 people, raising over $7000 which will go to supporting future Walk Strong missions. Drs. Christie, DeBoer, Morrison and Hodrick lent their surgical finesse to the execution of beautifully crafted pancakes while staff of SJRI and Walk Strong volunteers worked together to provide a delightful event which is sure to be a repeat next Spring! How often do you get your surgeon to cook breakfast for you!

Dr. James Jackson, founder of Project Cure and Dr. Michael Christie spoke to the hospital staff at St. Thomas about the important role Project Cure plays in providing medical equipment and supplies throughout the world and the role they have played in our Walk Strong mission. Project Cure has supplied the hospital we serve with approximately $2-3 million dollars worth of equipment which has all been donated rather than discarded by hospitals throughout the United States. One of the 4 Project Cure warehouses is located here in Nashville, right off Charlotte Avenue. It is a receiving area for donated hospital equipment and supplies from the East coast and the Southern states. The supplies are inventoried and repacked completely by volunteers and then stored until a request is made, whereupon the supplies are sent to the respective requesting facilities throughout the world. Project Cure needs volunteers of all kinds with a particular need for medical personnel who can help identify and help with sorting and packaging. Contact for Project Cure in Nashville is 615-837-7575.

A short trip was made to Veracruz on June 2013 to meet with the new hospital administrators of the Regional Hospital and to introduce ourselves to the Veracruz Rotary Club which has graciously adopted us to help with any local needs we might encounter in the future. A new sterilizer which was brought down in April was now installed and had a successful trial run in anticipation of our return in October. This sterilizer will allow for a more rapid turnover of equipment which in turn allows for more surgeries to be done while we are there. More good news was that Dr. Octavio Amador, senior orthopedic resident at the Regional Hospital in Veracruz will return with us next year to Nashville to spend a year in a fellowship program in orthopaedic surgery. In return he will be at the Regional Hospital for 3 years as the resident expert in Total Joint Replacements and help begin to build an excellent Total Joint program.

Our First annual Walk Strong Charity shoot at the Nashville Gun Club in June started off with a bang! We were able to raise over $4000 with our 20 shooters! Thanks to all who participated!

Dr. Christie along with a few Walk Strong team members made a trip to Exactech earlier this month to tour the facility and show our appreciation for their partnership! We looked forward to having some of the Exactech team members join us on our October trip.

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