The City

Veracruz City is the largest city in the state of Veracruz and the largest Mexican port on the Gulf of Mexico, with a little over 1/2 million residents. The size is comparable to the city of Nashville.

Why Veracruz: Our surgeons took many things into consideration when selecting the city for our mission. 

  • Veracruz has the need - only 4 joint replacements were done the year prior to our arrival, the need for the operation was evident. 
  • Veracruz has the means to educate - the hospital we selected is a teaching hospital with an Orthopedic residency program. 
  • The hospital administration and staff were eager to learn and the need for restoration at the hospital was apparent. 
  • Travel time for our team was reasonable & affordable, in order to make 2+ trips a year we needed a location that was easily accessible. Veracruz is a 5 hour flight from Nashville with a layover in Houston or Denver. 

Vintage photo of Veracruz city - October 1981

Veracruz is located on Mexico's east coast on the Gulf of Mexico.

The Hospital

The Regional Hospital in Veracruz is public and also a teaching hospital, complete with a medical school, nursing programs, and orthopedic and anesthesia residency programs.

The Regional Hospital in Veracruz

The Veracruz Medical Staff

Over the last 2 years we have built some great relationships with the amazing staff at the hospital.

Dr. Seanz, Chief of Orthopedics

Dr. Vidal, Anesthesia

Dr. Amador, Chief Resident Ortho

Orthopedic Residents

Carmen, OR Nurse

Sterile Processing

Ortho Nurses

The Patients

Just a few pictures of some the the residents we have helped Walk Strong!

Click here to read some inspiring patient profiles.

The Children

Although we do not perform surgeries on infants or children we have "adopted" the pediatric and nursery wards, working hard to supply the patients with much needed items such as diapers and new mom care packages as well as fun things for the pediatric patients such as bubbles, coloring books, & puzzles!